Chinese CONQURE?

[ Please note, this is a very sensitive matter in our country ]
[ About the fractions of the racial and right of races in Malaysia ]

conqure the hights~

I would like to apologize and I think there are some things that I should to HIGHLIGHTS.

I’m not like to argue ( or debating and rowdy) or crave for a victory, but I feel the need to explain and to change the RIGID of perceptions. 

When you said about
“Andai kata kita rela cina yang memerintah, hilanglah islam, hilanglah melayu.”
“Dimana kita nak duduk kalau tanah air sendiri bagi bangsa asing yang memerintah tanah melayu?”
where is the RATIONAL to point that??????????????

Especially when we realize the fact of the racial composition in Malaysia.
I’m not said that google is HARAM.. Yes, u may use it if u willing to and sure for our goods.
( You can google about “KOMPOSISI KAUM DI MALAYSIA )
( You also can surf the web of JABATAN PERANGKAAN NEGARA)

Bumiputera are MORE than 67%
Chinese are LESS than 25%
Indian also only around 7%
Rest are Others, around 0.8% 

How about the composition of religious in Malaysia?
ISLAM is MORE than 61% (bumiputera are NOT necessarily Muslims)
Buddha is LESS than 20%
Hinduisme are only 6%
Christians are around 9%
Others or athist is less than 2%

I BELIEVE our chinese friends are realise about this.
They wont be able to “CONQUER” this country or be the Prime Minister even if they won the majority of parliments.
The Prime Minister’s certainly are MALAY and ISLAM’s because the majority of citizens are Malay (bumiputera) and the other important point is, they wont have ability if they only compete NOT MORE than 50 seats of 222 seats provided.
These are FACTS and not a “fantasy”

Please realise and remember, this is a MONARCHICAL and a CONSTITUTIONAL country. Everything you said is so ridiculous and contrary to reality of the system of our country. Do not show your superficiality.  -______-“

Those things will not happen as long the systems of this country are not change.

– The Rulers are Malay and descendants of Malay.
– Islam remains the religion of the federation.
– The majority of the people are Malays.
– The majority religion is Islam.
– The law is still in ENFORCEABLE
– Still many people are intelligent and open-minded. (not too rigid and shallows) 

Last but not least, remind ur word. Especially “sedarlah”, you the first should be REALISE the truth base on facts and our “PERLEMBAGAAN”.

This is a DEMOCRATIC and the Multiracial country.

Be AWARE, DONT be rude and DONT be selfish to retain our harmony

This is not a joke and a serious reminder to myself and all my Malaysian friends. 

walalhu a’lam~ 

#unite againts RACISM!
# Islam for All
# Respect between races and religious are AWLA in side of ISLAM’s



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